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Overland Park has been open since 1995, and the small menu is full of chicken - stuffed wraps, sandwiches and salads. But it is the grilled Cajun Mahi - Mahhi that the shorter menu is known for. Is the most popular item on the menu: the chicken sandwich. The menu, which includes a wide selection of sandwiches, salads, burgers, soups and side dishes, has long since won loyal followers.

Other main courses include deep-fried whole tilapia, a combination platter priced at $15, $17 or $50. Get the fried yucca, served with whipped lime cream, fried sweet plantain and a side of coriander - lime salsa.

If your stomach rumbles, you can order food at any of the domino stations in Overland Park, as well as Kansas City, Kansas, St. Louis, Chicago, New York City and Los Angeles.

The pantry is available for registered customers from 8 am to 5 pm for appointments, but there is also a full-time case manager and case management team available. Staff help with SNAP food stamps and WIC vouchers, and can also help Johnson County households apply for them, as well as pay for baby food. For seniors, staff pass on recipes and ensure that they give baby food to single mothers and help low-income people to get food. There are also pantries for seniors and low-income families in the area and much more can be provided as a fountain.

They can range from $1 to $5 per pound of groceries for a family of four, or $4 for two adults and $3 for children.

If you're looking for something to eat in the Springhill area, there are many great Chinese restaurants. Chinese Palace, which delivers French fries right outside the door, as well as a variety of other items such as hot dogs and chicken wings.

The corn flour mixture is formed into a filling, rolled into balls, thrown into the hands, flattened into pancakes, then beaten on a frying pan and beaten on the grill grid. If you're craving something different from the usual hot dogs and chicken wings, Pegah's is the place to be. They are prepared and covered with a sauce of your choice and prepared with a variety of toppings such as hot sauce, soy sauce and chili sauce.

You can play with a simple classic like marinara, but I like the traditional style for a lively, bursting taste. You can also order a variety of toppings such as chicken wings, chicken nuggets or chicken and cheese fries. My favourite dishes so far include stuffed chicken wings, roast chicken and hot dog. As with KFC, if you're interested in Korean fried chicken, this method involves frying the shredded chicken in olive oil and then sprinkling it with a mixture of hot sauce, soy sauce, and chilli sauce (or a combination of both).

My favourite dishes include chicken nuggets, chips with chicken and cheese, hot dog and the kimchi chicken sandwich.

If you're still hungry, the kokoDAK also serves a rice bowl topped with beef, vegetables and fried eggs ($9). Korean coleslaw and pickled vegetables are served with every meal, and for just $13 you can always fill your plate. At Korma Sutra, where food is served in a colourfully decorated restaurant, you'll get a real bang for your buck. I enjoyed the buffet lunch, but I think you will be more impressed if you order from the menu.

For $6.99 for lunch and $9. 99 eat two slices of rice, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, tomato sauce and pickled vegetables for dinner. Lunch is a steal, and dinner even more, with two - for - a sandwich for $10.00.

Johnson County's pantry can also sell food such as fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds and other fruits and vegetables. Get everything you can for just $5.00 for lunch and $7.99 for dinner, with two - for - a sandwich for $6.50.

If you're looking for quality clues off the beaten track, you can't get to Burnt End BBQ without visiting Johnny's BBQ. If you want Korean BBQ, there might be a waiting time for one of the tables with a built-in grill, but when we visited, we tasted the pecan. Whether it's pulled pork, sausage, ribs, chicken, beef, pork chops or even a pork rib sandwich with BBQ sauce and a side dish of chips and salsa for just $5.00 or $7.99, you can never go wrong at Johnny's, can you?

The $12.95 weekend buffet is the best Asian buffet in Kansas City and is reasonably priced. Most meals start at $8.00, but there is a $16.99 buffet with salad of your choice and two sides, which is only $4.50 more than the standard buffet at other restaurants in the area. There's even a special buffet of chicken and pork ribs for $14.05, or a pork rib sandwich with chicken, pork chops and a side dish of chips and salsa for just $7.49. The daily buffet for $13.90 for a full menu with all the usual menu items plus two side dishes also costs only about $8.

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More About Overland Park